Surveying is the basis for any perfect planning and design

It provides the foundations for all planning tasks and guides planning and design through execution to the as built documentation of new systems. Continuous integration of technical innovations and qualified experts guarantee the highest level of precision of design, construction and as built survey.

Our range

Modern equipment guarantees the calculation and further processing of data directly on-site. This enables us to quickly respond to the individual wishes and requirements of the customer.

  • Basic surveys
  • Construction-related surveying
  • Survey related construction supervision
  • Deformation and control surveys
  • Laser scanning
  • Drone flights for surveys
  • Advisory and inspection activities
  • Track surveying
Detlef Schmeißer
Head of Department Surveying
phone +49 (030) 42194-270 email


  • Airport
  • Buildings & Architecture
  • Energy
  • Engineering Structures
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Rail
  • Road
  • Technical Railway Equipment
  • Technical Road Equipment
  • Traffic
  • Tunnel
  • Water & Environment