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Shutterstock / S-F - Electric InterCity Express in Frankfurt, Germany in a summer day

Shutterstock / IndustryAndTravel - Container harbor at night in Hamburg

Shutterstock / Sean Pavone - Berlin, Germany viewed from above the Spree River

Shutterstock / Jo Chambers - The modern government buildings that cross the River Spree in Berlin

Shutterstock / fuyu liu - Road through the bridge with blue sky background of a city

Shutterstock / Amy Johansson -  Blurred people on subway platform leaving the train

Shutterstock / leungchopan - Traffic in city at night

Shutterstock / gabczi - Little girl looking through window. She travels on a train.

Shutterstock / 06photo - Metro pass through airport in Beijing china

Shutterstock / M. Unal Ozmen - Newspaper and coffee cup macro shot with shallow depth of field

Shutterstock / maradon333 - Engineer hand holding yellow helmet

Shutterstock / JBK - Night scene of the Media harbor in Dusseldorf

Shutterstock / baranq - Stressful people waiting for job interview

Shutterstock / Rawpixel - Group of Business People Discussing on a Cafe

Shutterstock / Dmitry Kalinovsky - Builder worker with grinder machine cutting metal parts at construction site

Shutterstock / YanLev - Businesspeople in the corridor of an business center, motion blur

Shutterstock / gyn9037 - Carriageways of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shutterstock / alice-photo - Green & red traffic light in the city, London

Shutterstock / Alessandro Colle - Interior of an urban tunnel without traffic

Shutterstock / Artens - A large group of arriving businessmen

Shutterstock / nikshor - Trade show people

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Excapt Stockfotos:
Shutterstock / Gerhard Roethlinger - North Sea Baltic Canal, crossed by the Motorway Viaduct Rader at Rendsburg
Shutterstock / Andrei Medvedev - Automated People Mover (APM) arrival at the Miami International Airport station. APM transport passengers between Main Terminal and the Miami Central Station since 2011
Shutterstock / Rainer Lesniewski - Construction site in a new district of Frankfurt Europaviertel, Allee street frankfurter in the new city district europaviertel
Shutterstock / Igor Marx - HEM gas station at night in Hannover
Shutterstock / Peter Hansen - Roter magnetischer Levitationzug gegen futuristische Gebäude
Shutterstock / Maslov Spam - Moscow monorail train
Shutterstock / Olaf Schulz - The chemical tanker Covadonga at the Kiel Canal near Hochdonn