Planning & Design

Good planning is half the battle

Every successful project requires careful planning and design. Our standard: the current state of the art, methods and tools, economic efficiency, adherence to deadlines, eligibility for approval, innovation, and transparency. So that building does not become an adventure. 

Our range

We provide specialist and general planning services in all project phases, from preliminary through final design to tendering.

This includes planning and design for, e.g.:

  • Transport projects
  • Traffic facilities
  • Engineering structures, bridges, and tunnels
  • Buildings and industrial plants
  • Urban and land developments
  • Conceptual traffic planning

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  • Airport
  • Buildings & Architecture
  • Energy
  • Engineering Structures
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Rail
  • Road
  • Technical Railway Equipment
  • Technical Road Equipment
  • Traffic
  • Tunnel
  • Water & Environment