Water & Environment

Systematic environmental management

Our environment is dear to our hearts. What’s more, technical complexity, stringent legal requirements, or the critical gaze of the general public also necessitate high levels of care and competence. We offer everything from the initial idea to actual construction work on site. 

our range

We address every issue concerning the environmentally-friendly use or collection and drainage of surface water, as well as to the treatment of industrial and domestic sewage as well as its recycling and recirculation into the water cycle.

In the business line Water and Environment, we offer consulting, planning and design, and supervision and project management services for:

  • Sewage networks and pumping stations
  • Water extraction and treatment
  • Rainwater harvesting and sedimentation tanks
  • Rainwater filters and soakaways
  • Drainage of areas for storing and handling harmful substances
  • Collection systems for terminals and industry
  • Water body design and living by the water
  • Sea and harbor walls and flood protection
  • Sewage treatment plants and internal power generation
  • Waste management and waste sorting plants

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  • Construction Supervision
  • Consulting
  • Planning & Design
  • Project Management
  • Visualization