Services from one source

Our competences extend to all services and business lines in the field of infrastructure.
This makes possible a comprehensive range of consulting and services.

Our range of services comprises the following areas:


Developing ideas – showing possibilities

At the beginning of every investment there is an idea that poses many questions. For us, good consulting means developing ideas, posing the right questions and finding the suitable answers, together with our customers. Individually, taking into consideration all boundary conditions and alternatives.


Well planned is half built

Every successful project requires careful planning. Our standard: the latest technologies, methods and tools, cost-effectiveness, schedule reliability, approvability, innovation and transparency.
So that building does not become an adventure.


Leading projects to success

Project management does not just mean controlling costs and deadlines. It also includes coordination regarding technical, legal and commercial aspects, taking into account the respective project conditions. So that our customers can be comprehensively looked after – from the start of the project to its successful completion..

Construction Supervision

So that the project does not remain a building site

The strict adherence to quality, cost and deadline specifications makes professional construction supervision indispensable. Our experts represent the developer on site and implement their requirements: reliably, capably, consistently and transparently.


Digital Planning, networking and implementation 

Building Information Modelling (BIM) refers to networked planning and encompasses the entire life cycle of a building.
Our concept: We follow holistic and model-based planning followed by realisation.


Measuring is the base for any perfect planning

It provides the foundations for all planning tasks and guides the planning through the execution to the inventory documentation of the newly installed system. Continuous integration of technical innovations and qualified experts guarantee the highest level of precision with base, design, construction and any subsequent inventory measurements.


We give ideas a face

Whether it be 3D animation, real-time visualisation or augmented reality – our specialists ensure that two-dimensional pictures and plans become realistic representations.


Since our company was founded, we have implemented more than 12,000 projects in many countries around the world.

Select a wide variety of project references from our services and business areas to convince yourself of our range of services.

  • Building Information Modeling
  • Construction Supervision
  • Consulting
  • Measuring
  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Visualization
  • Airport
  • Building Construction & Architecture
  • Energy
  • Engineering Structures
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Rail
  • Railway Equipment
  • Road
  • Traffic
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Tunnel
  • Water & Environment