Construction of new route Wendlingen - Ulm, PA 2.2 Albaufstieg

Service period:
2009 – 2025

Project client:
DB Projekt Stuttgart - Ulm GmbH

Project volume:
€ 680,000,000

Project description

The project phase Albaufstieg is part of the large project NBS Wendlingen – Ulm, has an overall length of around 15.8 km, and starts in the north, in the area of Aichelberg with the around 8,806-m-long Boßlertunnel.

Then, the Filstal will be crossed with the approx. 485-m-long Filstal bridge at approx. 85 m altitude.

The Steinbühl tunnel, which is around 4,847 m long, starts on the south side of the valley.

The tunnels will be driven in shotcrete construction.

They have a double-shelled construction, with a reinforced, anchored, shotcrete shell for excavation support, during the driving works, and a water-pressure-retaining concrete inner shell.

In the first phase, the tender documents had to be checked, and participation in the contract awarding of the building works was required.

Furthermore, supervision of the existing measuring devices was taken on.

During the construction phase, the execution for shell construction, landscaping and ecological and geological issues must be monitored.

Engineering services

  • Checking tendering documents
    • Preparation of the Contract award
  • Participation in the tendering phase
    • Assisting award Process
  • Takeover and monitoring of measurement points
  • Construction supervision services

Project impressions