Upgrade of Wuppertal suspension railway

Service period:
1993 – 2023

Project client:
WSW Wuppertaler Stadtwerke GmbH

Project volume:
€ 522,000,000

Project description

The Wuppertal suspension railway – which celebrated its 100th birthday in 2001 – is considered a special design of railway.

At 13.3km long, it connects the districts of Vohwinkel, Elberfeld and Oberbarmen, primarily following the middle of the river Wupper.

As it has its own transport route – the 2nd level that is so sought after with other means of transport - it significantly relieves the strain on the roads.

Corrosion damage and the continual increase in passenger numbers, made it necessary to replace the 100 year old support structure.

Apart from the works on the support framework, additional measures, such as the modernisation of the stops, upgrading the technology, reduction of sound emission etc. were carried out at the same time; all while maintaining operation.

In addition, the route is divided into three construction stages.

The construction works exclusively took place at weekends, and in the shut-down periods during the school holidays.

Engineering services

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