Tram Western bypass - planning traffic light systems and street lighting

Service period:
2015 – 2025

Project client:
State capital of Munich

Project volume:
€ 13,349,980

Project description

The tram Western bypass, is an important project in the local transport plan for the regional capital of Munich, decided upon by the city council.

It should directly link the city districts of Neuhausen-Nymphenburg, Laim, Hadern, Sendling-Westpark and Obersendling, supplement the existing rail network in the west of the city, and therefore relieve the city centre.

It is around 9 kilometres long, and has 16 planned stops.

There are a total of 25 existing traffic light systems on the route.

In addition, two further traffic light systems will be built.

Traffic must be maintained during the whole building period.

In addition, several building phases are planned, which are linked to several traffic assignments.

In order to achieve freedom to build in all areas, the existing street lighting and traffic light systems must be temporarily moved several times, and brought to the planned final state at a later date.

Engineering services

  • Project planning transport facilities road, performance phase 2 , 3, 5, 6
  • Civil engineering planning of signalling and energy building measures, for the new build and replacement of traffic light systems, and conversions and changes
  • Planning of signalling and energy building measures for temporary traffic light systems
  • Civil engineering planning of communication networks for traffic management technology
  • Civil engineering planning for the final completion of the street lighting
  • Planning for temporary street lights
  • Lighting planning including lighting calculation
  • Empty conduit planning