Replacement of Wittighausen tunnel

Service period:
2017 – 2021

Project client:
Deutsche Bahn AG

Project volume:
€ 12,000,000

Project description

On the electrified central train route 4120 Neckarelz - Würzburg-Heidingsfeld, the 150 year old Wittighausen tunnel must be replaced between rail-km 131,102 and rail-km 131,240.

The tunnel is located on the outskirts in a S-shaped track section, which adjoins the Wittinghausen station to the North. The tunnel runs along a hill to the west, sloping towards the outskirts, and has an overlap of max. 15 m above the tunnel ridge. To the north and south of the tunnel, the route runs in 150 to 200 m cuts.

In the course of the replacement, the track distance should be adjusted to 4 m in compliance with the rules, and the tunnel cross section and the precuts should be enlarged accordingly.

The required works are taking place under total closure, and were planned in the first and second quarter of 2019.

Engineering services

  • Project planning of rail traffic facilities, performance phase 5-7
  • Project planning of civil engineering structures, performance phase 3, 5-7 including cable route planning and coordination
  • Structural planning, performance phase 3-6
  • Project planning of outdoor installations, performance phase 5-7
  • Building logistics, special solution for sound protection during construction
  • Health and safety planning, performance phase 3 and 5

Project impressions