Reorganisation of the town centre of Rahmersdorf Traffic planning contribution to the framework plan

Service period:
2015 – 2016

Project client:
goergens miklautz architects

Project description

The town centre of Ramersdorf in South Munich, is in a problematic state in terms of urban development, due to its historic development.

As preparation for a land use planning procedure, for urban development, landscape planning and transport reorganisation, a framework plan was compiled, which also includes a transport concept.

An important part of this concept is the relocation and redesign of the heavily used Rosenheimer Straße.

Therefore, the performance of the junctions on this main axis, and on the neighbouring Middle Ring must continue to be ensured.

In addition, the reorganisation of the road network in the town centre, with the aim of a compatible use by all transport participants, is an important aspect of the transport part of the framework plan.

In addition, detailed questions on the development of residential buildings and retail businesses, and the aspects of public transport are clarified and integrated into the total concept.

Engineering services

  • Conceptual transport planning
  • Traffic prediction
  • Performance calculations
  • Transport concepts