Expansion and conversion of the federal highway B 87

Service period:
2011 – 2017

Project client:
Motorways agency Saxony

Project volume:
€ 5,953,000

Project description

The expansion of the B 87 to 4 lanes, was completed in the area of the junction Leipzig North East, at operational kilometre 76,014 on the federal motorway.

The measure was part of the 6 lane expansion of the federal motorways A 14, and the 5th building phase between the junction Leipzig trade fair ground (o) and the junction Leipzig East.

The B 87 serves as a motorway approach road for the cities of Leipzig and Taucha, and as an inter-regional connection between Ilmenau and Frankfurt/Oder to the federal motorway A 14, which represents an important road connection for the expanding northern region of Leipzig, in an East-West direction.

The federal motorway A 14 crosses the B 87 in the area of the former and future junction Leipzig North East, with the motorway structure BW 33.

The expansion phase began at the already completed expansion phase of the B 87 in Leipzig, and ended at the hub B 87/Otto-Schmidt-Straße in Taucha.

The construction measure also encompassed the expansion of the connecting ramps for Leipzig and Taucha at the junction North East.

The complete conversion took place during ongoing traffic.

Engineering services

  • Project planning of road traffic facilities
    • Site Management
    • Project Documentation
  • Construction supervision
  • Health and safety coordination for earthworks and superstructure, traffic safety, protection and guidance equipment, signage, marking, traffic light systems