We give ideas a face

Whether it be 3D animation, real-time visualisation or augmented reality – our specialists ensure that two-dimensional pictures and plans become realistic representations.

Our Range

  • Interactive 3D real-time viewer
  • 3D animation/3D complete visualisation
  • 3D photo montage
  • 3D video montage
  • Vreality App (augmented reality)



Mirko Maddée
Head of Department Visualisation
phone +49 (030) 42 194 -121 email

Interactive 3D real-time viewer 

Virtual walk-through of the project environment


  • Virtual walk-through of the project environment possible in real time
  • Viewing points and angles can be chosen by the user
  • Objects can be switched on and off
  • Interaction with objects possible

3D animation and complete visualisation

No combination with real photo/video  


  • Full 3D modelling of the planning as well as the adjacent environment
  • Free choice of camera perspective or camera animation possible
  • Realistic rendering with light and shadow

3D photo montage

Combination of real photo and 3D visualisation of planning


  • Virtual camera position and orientation is adjusted to the background photo
  • 3D design and calculation of planning
  • Merging of real photo and calculated planning object

3D video montage

Combination of real video and 3D animation of planning


  • Adaptation of the virtual camera to the real video by means of match moving
  • 3D design and animation calculation of planning
  • Merging of real video and planning animation


Experience BIM projects and 3D models live on your desk or in a meeting. The Vreality app displays 3D planning models on the basis of the original plan via augmented reality on your smartphone or tablet. The models are superimposed on the live camera image. View your project from different angles and share views with stakeholders. Display different variants of plans or additional information.
The Vreality app visualises your planning results! All you need is a QR code for your model.  


The functions

  • Viewing the 3D model from any angle
  • Different variants switchable
  • Displaying of captions
  • Animations within the models
  • Creation and sharing of screenshots of the views
  • Password protection for models

The contents

  • BIM models (dwg, rvt, ifc)
  • 3D models (various formats)
  • Image files (various formats)
  • Video files (various formats)


Experiencing augmented reality

for 3D and BIM models


Vreality App is only available in the german app stores.




  • Rail
  • Road
  • Tunnel
  • Water & Environment