Underground station Hermannplatz - ceiling renovation of the main hall

Service period:
2015 – 2023

Project client:
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) [Berlin transport services]

Project volume:
€ 2,600,000

Project description

The underground station at Hermannplatz is a junction station of the underground lines U7 and U8 in the Neukölln district of Berlin.

The U7 part of the station to be planned (Hpu) was put into operation in 1926. The ceiling is 7.25 metres above the platform. The ceiling is approx. 135 metres long and 16.2 metres wide.

The train station is entered in the monument register of Berlin as a complete monument.

The ceiling is located below the crossroads of the streets Hasenheide – Karl-Marx-Straße and the crossing at Hermannplatz (and/or Hermannstraße).

The ceiling of the underground station will be maintained internally in two main sections, in a pilgering process, whilst maintaining passenger operation.

From the outside, the structure will be given a new seal in the area of the main road of Hasenheide, in several transport related sections.

In doing so, the lines of various line managements must be considered, and the required services must be coordinated.

Engineering services

  • Ceiling renovation:
    • Project planning of civil engineering structures and Structural planning (Basic Evaluation, Preliminary Design, Final Design, Building Permission Application, Detailed Design, Preparation of the Contract award)
  • Study summaries and “Project related damage analysis”
  • Planning security of open areas during construction
  • Recalculation of existing ceiling
  • Replacement of tunnel seal
  • Expert repair planning for concrete
  • Coordination of third party services (line managements)
  • Planning the traffic management at the time of construction