Tram west tangent - environmental multiple tube

Service period:
2019 – 2020

Project client:
Stadtwerke München GmbH

Project description

The local transport plan of the city of Munich includes the construction of a new tram west tangent. It is to extend for a length of approximately 9 km and have 16 stops.

For fire safety reasons, a concept was created for a driving signal system in the environmental multiple tube and, using a self-developed calculation process, transport efficiency was tested for various public transport service concepts.

Subsequently, traffic-dependent controls were projected for the neighbouring hubs and the traffic flow was analysed the statistical indicators determined using the microscopic simulation.

Engineering services

  • Concept creation of a driving signal system for the environmental multiple tube
  • Development of a methodology for evaluating the transport efficiency of the infrastructure using the calculation methodology developed
  • Conceptual traffic lights planning
  • Performance of efficiency analyses according to RiLSA and HBS, taking public transport acceleration into account
  • Traffic-dependent project planning of the traffic lights for the simulation
  • Microscopic simulation with VISSIM: Model construction, calibration, evaluation
  • Documentation/presentation of the results