Replacement of Inn bridge

Service period:
2009 – 2019

Project client:
DB ProjektBau GmbH

Project volume:
€ 14,000,000

Project description

The railway overpass was carried out in consideration of the later route extension in a changed location, double track (track distance 4 m) across the Inn.

The location corresponds to the route of the railway extension ABS 38.

The existing track is pivoted, and connected to the new railway overpass.

The existing railway dam was widened on the right hand side for this.

From the new Inn bridge to the Lohbach bridge, the changed route corresponds to that of the left, future, railway extension ABS track.

With the new build of the Inn bridge, and adherence to the route of the ABS 38, the following accompanying measures occurred:

- Widening of the railway overpass over the Lohbach (rail km 3.482)

- New build passage DN 600 (rail km 3.455)

The existing passage was closed and rebuilt alongside with the same diameter.

With the on deadline commissioning of the new railway overpass, imminent restrictions could be prevented, and the increased level of traffic could be managed.

Engineering services

  • Organisation/Information
  • Coordination
  • Deadline management
  • Cost management
  • Contract management
  • Risk management
  • Handling substitute performance
  • Participation in surface provision
  • Creation of IBN dossier and HzÜdS [Verification book for the route] for EU certification