Jet engine test bench of the research centre WSK “PZL Rzeszow” S.A.

Service period:
2009 – 2010

Project client:
Pratt & Whitney + WSK

Project description

The new build of the research centre for the development of aeroplane engines WSK “PZL Rzeszow” S.A. comprises in the first construction phase the new build of the jet engine test bench.

Also, the centre includes a development laboratory, a laboratory for metallurgic experiments, a preparation and assembly area and a construction office.

Furthermore, for the provision of the test bench, a fuelling system with the necessary infrastructure for the above ground storage of aircraft fuel was built.

The new build of the jet engine test bench was divided into two construction phases.

In the first construction phase, a system of two jet engine test benches was set up.

In the second construction phase, two further jet engine test benches were planned, with the preparation and assembly area.

Engineering services

  • Project planning building and Structural planning and Project planning transport facilities
    • Final and Detailed Design
    • Preparation of the Contract award
  • Specialist planning technical building equipment (ventilation, air conditioning, interior fire prevention system, electrics, telecommunications technology, alarm system and surveillance camera systems CCTV, external connections from all trades, pressurised air, fuel supply)
  • Expert report on the extent and classification of potentially explosive areas
  • Fire safety expert report for the building