Frankfurt am Main airport, A 380 – Adjustment C/D Riegel (Connecting structure)

Service period:
2005 – 2010

Project client:

Project volume:
€ 3,100,000

Project description

At Frankfurt airport, the C/D Riegel (connecting structure) of the terminal building was revitalised, while at the same time adjusting the whole infrastructure of the future check-in of A 380 aeroplanes. In addition, the accompanying transport areas had to be replaced, taking into account the future traffic management.

The same applied to a range of existing and new lines to be laid underground, for various media, whereby the extensive inventory of cables and lines to be maintained, had to be respected.

During the reconstruction, the whole infrastructure, right up to the parking spaces to be provided, had to be maintained, to ensure flawless operation.

The engineering services contributed to the project goals of the client being adhered to.

Engineering services

  • Project planning transport facilities
    • Basic Evaluation
    • Preliminary and Final Design
    • Detailed Design
    • Preparation of the Contract award
    • Assisting award Process
    • Site Management
  • Construction supervision
  • Transport development C/D Riegel (connecting structure), sometimes in apron area quality
  • Walkways, on-board equipment, marking and signage
  • Measurement technology support

Project impressions