Flashing light programme regional area South East

Service period:
2007 – 2018

Project client:
DB Netz AG

Project volume:
€ 215,000,000

Project description

Deutsche Bahn is obliged to modify railway crossings, whose external appearance don’t correspond to the Railway Construction and Operations Act.

In order to fulfil the legal requirements, DB started a conversion programme, which was called the “flashing light programme” [Blinklichtprogramm (BliLi)], in reference to the flashing red light to be removed from the St. Andrews cross.

The BliLi team of DB Netz AG, regional area South East(until 30.06.15 DB ProjektBau) implemented 337 railway crossings in the performance phase 3 to 9.

At the railway crossing, to increase safety, alongside the safety related facilities, if necessary additional cycle/foot paths will be built, the road width will be adjusted to the local conditions, and road traffic relations will be changed.

Apart from the project control of BliLi, in 2011, Vössing also received the assignment for “Programme controlling” BliLi for DB Netz AG.

This meant that monitoring was required, separately from the classic project control, which presented the status of implementation of approx. 900 RC conversion measures in the regional area East and South East.

Engineering services

  • Coordination
  • Organisation and information
  • Cost management and control
  • Deadline controlling
  • Contract management
  • Participation in project handling
  • Specialist consultation
  • Planning management
  • Special services