Energetic renovation – heat insulation of the septic tank

Service period:
2014 – 2016

Project client:
Waste water association Langen/Egelsbach/Erzhausen

Project volume:
€ 1,126,000

Project description

The object of the planned construction measure is the energetic facade renovation of the three septic tanks (for the double containers incl. facade connective structure).

It is planned to dismantle the current facade, affix heat insulation in accordance with the requirements, and assemble new facade cladding.

The renewal of the lightning protection system in the area of the septic tank, should be carried out in the course of the energetic facade renovation.

The aim is to reduce the heat loss of the septic tanks.

Furthermore, the external view of the septic tanks should be visually upgraded, in the course of this measure.

In addition, it should be checked whether renovation measures are required (e.g. the existing concrete outer walls) after the disassembly of the existing outer wall cladding.

The construction measure should be carried out during ongoing operation of the sewage treatment plant.

Engineering services

  • Project management services to support the project management (in accordance with AHO [Committee of the Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for Fee Regulations]