Complete replacement of A 57 between D-NL border and junction Sonsbeck km 0+000 to km 23+994,7784

Service period:
2018 – 2021

Project client:
Regional authority for road building NRW

Project volume:
€ 88,410,000

Project description

The A 57 runs from the German - Dutch border to Cologne via Krefeld.

The planning phase reaches across a length of 24 km from the NL/D border to Sonsbeck junction.

To comply with the traffic load and eliminate damages, a complete replacement is required. This also includes a replacement of the sewer system, the road equipment and a barrier-free expansion of the emergency telephones. A partial renovation with cap renovation is planned for the A structures. In addition to slope stabilisation, four new supporting structures are planned.

A standard cross section in compliance with the guidelines SC 31.5 would only be possible with unjustifiable expense, which is why the existing SC 29 will be retained, and given a modified allocation.

Due to increased requirements for soundproofing, a noise-optimised asphalt will be installed in some places. In addition, a 1 km long section is planned for drainage reasons, to reduce the gradients.

Engineering services

  • Project planning transport facilities road
    • Detailed Design
    • Preparation of the Contract award
  • Project planning engineering structures (bridges/ LSW)
    • Basic Evaluation
    • Preliminary, Final and Detailed Design
  • Structural planning (bridges/LSW), Project planning drainage, Structural planning (drainage)
    • Basic Evaluation
    • Preliminary, Final and Detailed Design
    • Preparation of the Contract award