BBG bus depot Hummelsbüttel, optimisation of bus parking

Service period:
2017 – 2018

Project client:
Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Project volume:
€ 6,400,000

Project description

With the planned measure, the structural requirements for future drive and operating concepts will be created in Hummelsbüttel.

To expand the infrastructures, without restricting the storage capacities, roofs are planned as supply levels and/or parking spaces for charging technology amongst other things.

The bus storage is built from a solid structured technical bar, and six roofs appointed to this mounted building structure.

The roofs are planned as green roofs with steel construction on reinforced concrete supports and applied trapezoidal steel sheets.

The roofed area is approx. 6,000 m². The existing bus parking should be optimised when building the roofs.

Laying the supply equipment on the roofs allows concentrated parking of vehicles in spatially optimised driving lanes.

The individual roofs will be executed during ongoing operation. The first roof should be available from 2020.

Engineering services

  • Project planning of civil engineering structures, performance phase 2-4
  • Project planning of traffic facilities, performance phase 2-4
  • Structural planning, performance phase 2-4