Bridges at Dresden crossroads as well as in adjacent line sections

Okres realizacji:
2011 – 2022

DB Netz AG

Wartość projektu:
80.000.000 €

Opis projektu

DB AG is expanding the historically grown Dresden railway crossroads into a modern and sustainable route junction of the trans-European railway corridors.

As part of the planning of these measures, Vössing is performing various services – on behalf of DB Netz AG – in the field of project management for the construction of five new railway bridges over urban streets and the modernisation of two local transport stops.

According to the extensive service scope, as a focus, all planning participants are to be coordinated, especially the external planning offices mandated by DB Netz AG and the state capital Dresden as a junction partner.

For the cost-compliant and timely implementation of the assignments of DB Netz AG and DB Station & Service AG, performance phases 2 to 8 are being intensively accompanied.

Implementation of the construction projects is planned from 2016.

Engineering services

  • Project management of performance stages 2 (planning) and 3 (execution preparation, execution, project conclusion)
  • Deadline and cost management
  • Interface coordination
  • Organisation and documentation
  • Cooperation in creation of junction agreements (EKrG arrangements)

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