Tunnel building and infrastructure measures Kö-arc Düsseldorf, 1st and 2nd building phase

Okres realizacji:
2010 – 2018

City of Düsseldorf

Wartość projektu:
200.000.000 €

Opis projektu

The state capital of Düsseldorf is carrying out the urban planning development of the area to the north of Königsallee/Jan-Wellem-Platz/Hofgarten.

As a result, in a 1st implementation stage, Jan-Wellem-Platz currently primarily used as a traffic area, will be built on to a high standard.

In the 1st building phase, Hofgartenstraße/Elberfelder Straße and Berliner Allee/Hofgartenstraße will be lowered, and so an on-foot connection between Königsallee and the Hofgarten will be created.

In a 2nd building phase, a further tunnelling measure is planned on the axis of Jan-Wellem overpass, through which an underground north-south connection will be created, and therefore make the overpass unnecessary.

From the specifications of the street planning and the soil survey, the trough and tunnel structures will be selected as “white tanks” made from water impermeable concrete.

The tunnel structures will be equipped in accordance with the specifications of RABT for tunnel lengths < 400 m and the risk analysis created for the tunnel structure.

Engineering services

  • Construction supervision of shell construction, expansion and operating equipment