Traffic survey Landshuter-Allee tunnel

Okres realizacji:
2016 – 2019

Landeshauptstadt München

Wartość projektu:
534.000.000 €

Opis projektu

The Landshuter Allee section is the busiest section of the middle ring B2R in Munich.

Due to the high traffic levels and complex traffic ratios, the existing traffic quality at this section of the ring is unsatisfactory.

Furthermore, there is a great strain on the residents due to noise and pollutant emissions.

To improve the situation, there are considerations of expanding the existing tunnel and relocating several traffic ratios from the surface into the tunnel.

Inspections were carried out, and the driving routes analysed in the macroscopic transport model of the regional capital of Munich.

The existing situation and a current feasibility study on the expansion of the existing tunnel, with grade separation connections, were mapped on a microscopic simulation model.

To discover optimisation potential, further variants were developed and simulated for the forecast horizon.

Engineering services

  • Implementation and analysis of inspections of the survey area
  • (Re)calibration of the macroscopic transport model in the survey area
  • Calculation of route in the survey area for inventory and prognosis on the transport model
  • Microscopic simulation (calibration and assessment)
  • Performance calculations according to HBS
  • Comparison of cases examined
  • Documentation