SÜ Buckower Chausee

Okres realizacji:
2019 – 2023

Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection

Wartość projektu:
9.558.919 €

Opis projektu

The “Buckower Chaussee” crosses the DB tracks north of the S-Bahn stop “Buckower Chaussee”. It is two long-distance train tracks of the Berlin - Dresden line (line 6135) and two S-Bahn tracks (line 6035).

The existing rail transition is being replaced with the construction of a new flyover. The new flyover is a 4-field prestressed concrete bridge with the spans of 14 m to 15.40 m.

The abutments and the three wall discs with openings are installed deep in the ground. Ramp structures are connected to the flyover. 

Since the flyover runs over a train stop, four staircases have been planned.

Engineering services

  • Object planning transport systems
    • Detailed Design
  • Object planning engineering work
    • Detailed Design

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