Rail connection New airport Doha International Qatar

Okres realizacji:
2007 – 2012

New Doha International Airport Ltd.

Wartość projektu:
160.000.000 €

Opis projektu

The State of Qatar had ambitious plans to become an important centre for business and tourism in the Middle East.

The New Doha International Airport (NDIA) was a key project in this development strategy.

In the scope of the “Transport Master Plan for Qatar (TMPQ)” a local public transport system for Doha was already created, which took into account national and international requirements.

To connect the new airport to the capital city however, a rail connected passenger transport system (PRS) had to be integrated into the TMPQ.

The main task of the plausibility study was to define a corridor for the installation of various rail systems (e.g. Metro, LRT, magnetic fast train).

Up to the vicinity of the terminal, the rail connection was routed through a 3.3 km long tunnel.

As the New Doha International Airport was under construction at this time, the various tunnel building procedures were of particular importance.

Engineering services

  • Technical project management
  • Plausibility study
  • Interface management
  • Evaluation of preliminary project design
  • Tendering planning and creation of contract documents
  • Project control
  • 3D Visualisation