Conception and introduction of a construction project management system “FRA-PMS” at Frankfurt airport

Okres realizacji:
2005 – 2018

Fraport AG

Opis projektu

FRAPORT AG plans investments of over €6 billion in the next few years, to restructure and expand the airport in Frankfurt.

To support these extensive construction measures, the FRAPORT internal project “FRA-PMS” was set up.

Including all departments involved in the restructuring and expansion of the airport, the inventory and requirements were analysed, a concept was created and agreed, processes continued and partially redesigned, and a concept was developed and agreed for the mapping of project management processes in the existing IT systems.

A continuous process landscape in the continued organisational handbooks, a transparent and easy to operate reporting system, which has the required reports ready for various hierarchy levels, and is based directly on data from the various SAP Modules, forms the project management basis for a successful restructuring and expansion of one of the most important air traffic hubs in Europe.

Engineering services

  • Project management
  • Organisational consultation
  • Information Technology