Acoustic investigation for Berlin-Schönefeld airport

Okres realizacji:
2009 – 2012

Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld GmbH

Wartość projektu:
4.000.000 €

Opis projektu

Due to the rebuilding of Berlin-Schönefeld airport, in the surrounding areas, the resident’s entitlement to soundproofing to maintain the residential value of the property was investigated.

Vössing was assigned by Berlin-Schönefeld airport, with the implementation of these measures in 2,500 residential units and four nurseries and a school.

To this end, the entitlement of soundproofing was determined on site, presented according to the property, summarized in indexes of services, and a price comparison list was created.

The scope of services was summarized in a cost reimbursement agreement, and after being signed by the owner, the specialist company was assigned with implementation.

The accompaniment of the construction work and the acceptance of the service, were carried out via testing for allocation of funds.

Engineering services

  • Property tour and inventory
  • Property assessment and definition of the necessary measures
  • Creation of a cost reimbursement agreement incl. index of services
  • Accompaniment of building measures
  • Acoustic expert report