Steinraper Bach [stream] in Oer-Erkenschwick - Construction of the sewer and rain water treatment facilities

Okres realizacji:
2010 – 2017

Emschergenossenschaft Lippeverband

Wartość projektu:
9.000.000 €

Opis projektu

Due to the mining of hard coal, and the subsequent mining subsidence, the town of Oer-Er- kenschwick still channels its mixed water through the Steinrapener Bach and the Westerbach, to the river sewage treatment plant on the Lippe.

The mining and the accompanying mining subsidence have now ceased, meaning that the inner city sewerage can now be completed.

Facilities for rain water treatment should be set up parallel to this, so that the aforementioned bodies of water will only be impinged upon by pre-treated mixed water from 2020.

Engineering services

  • Variant comparison
  • Project planning of open air facilities
    • execution planning
    • preparation of the contract awarding
    • participating in the contract awarding process
    • project monitoring, construction supervision and documentation
  • Site Management