Renewal of the 110 kV traction power network 302, Großkorbetha - Gößnitz

Okres realizacji:
2011 – 2012

DB Energie GmbH

Opis projektu

In 2011 and 2012, the traction power network between Großkorbetha and Gößnitz was replaced over a length of 89 kilometres. The client for this project was DB Energie GmbH.

What was special about this project, was that the lines had to be replaced on the same track, where the existing electrical cables were in operation.

The rebuild was carried out via a one system provisional arrangement.

The construction times had to be adjusted to the agreed year circuit diagram.

Engineering services

  • Construction supervision
  • Supervision of foundation civil engineering, foundation reinforcement (plates, steps and/or heads), inner earthing, concreting, mast pre-assembly, fittings assembly, assembly auxiliary cross beams, assembly of auxiliary portals, cabling work
  • Checks of contractor implementation on the basis of project schedule, adherence to safety regulations, equipment
  • Participation in approvals by client
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Supporting contractor with regards to local coordination with property owners and authorities
  • Participation in taking possession of the property, and clarification of authorisation of access