Infrastructure planning for the “Expert report on the airport connection Munich”

Okres realizacji:
2008 – 2012

Bavarian state ministry for economics, infrastructure, transport and technology

Opis projektu

The expert report for the airport connection Munich, consists of the parts traffic prognosis, quote planning and infrastructure planning.

The parts for infrastructure planning were carried out by Vössing.

The aims of the expert report were:

- To demonstrate alternatives to Transrapid

- To strengthen the airport

- To create development prospects

- To improve accessibility

- To consider long distance and local transport

The following aspects were to be investigated and assessed:

- Construction technology and operational plausibility

- Suitability

- Transport, operational and planning effects

- Compatibility with existing plans

- Compatibility with existing line layouts/cycles and tendering concepts

- Economic viability and subsequent costs

- Environmental compatibility

Engineering services

  • Transport facilities
  • Civil engineering structures
  • Tunnel structures
  • Technical equipment
  • Environmental planning
  • Building site
  • Sound and vibration protection