Implementation of passive soundproofing measures for the Berlin Brandenburg airport

Okres realizacji:
2013 – 2019

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

Opis projektu

In the context of the new build of the Berlin-Schönefeld airport, it was checked whether the residents were entitled to soundproofing in the surrounding areas, to retain the residential value of the buildings.

Vössing was assigned by Berlin-Schönefeld airport to implement approx. 3,400 residential units to execute these measures.

To this end, the soundproofing entitlement was calculated on site, displayed according to property, summarised in contents indexes and a price comparison was created.

The scope of services was summarised in an agreement, and the specialist company was assigned with the execution, after signature by the owner.

The construction support occurred in the same way as the approval of services, via an audit for allocation of resources.

Engineering services

  • Property inspection and inventory
  • Property soundproofing assessment and determination of the necessary measures
  • Creation of an agreement incl. contents index
  • Checking and preliminary planning of a ventilation concept
  • Support of building measures
  • Subsequent review
  • Final acceptance/audit for allocation of resources
  • Auditing
  • Answering owner enquiries