Frankfurt am Main airport, Fire safety related upgrade of terminal 2

Okres realizacji:
2005 – 2013

Fraport AG

Wartość projektu:
6.500.000 €

Opis projektu

The project encompassed project control in all project stages and performance areas.

Terminal 2 was opened in October 1994, with the 2 passenger areas D and E, and therefore increased the capacity of the airport to approx. 56 million passengers per year.

The terminal 2 project is a fire safety related renovation, for the hazard prevention of existing risks.

The implementation of fire safety measures was carried out during ongoing operation, and on various levels.

The measures were carried out in sections, and included the fire safety upgrade of the

-Fire alarm system (FAS)

- Electrical loudspeaker system (ELS)

- Measurement, control and regulation technology (MCR)

Engineering services

  • Project control across all project stages and scope of work of AHO [Committee of the Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for Fee Regulations]