2nd S-Bahn trunk route Munich: construction monitoring VE 97b, section above-ground west

Okres realizacji:
2017 – 2020

DB Netz AG

Wartość projektu:
247.706.000 €

Opis projektu

The major project 2nd S-Bahn trunk route Munich consists of several sub-measures.

The sub-measure “City centre area/tunnel” comprises the construction of a new two-track electrified S-Bahn route between the S-Bahn stations Laim and Leuchtenbergring.

The core of the new east-west connection two tunnels, each approximately seven kilometres long, through each of which an S-Bahn track is led.

Further, the sub-measure comprises the (re)construction of the existing S-Bahn systems at Laim station and in the east station between the station part east station and the station part Leuchtenbergring.

The construction project includes three new underground stops at the main station, at Marienhof and at the east station as well as the reconstruction and expansion respectively of the above-ground stops in Laim and at the Leuchtenbergring.

In connection with the expansion at Laim station, the so-called “environmental multiple tube” (EMT) at right angles to the tracks of the railway line are also being constructed.

Engineering services

  • Construction monitoring track superstructure/civil engineering
  • Construction monitoring LST, OLA, 50 Hz, telecom systems
  • Construction monitoring geotechnics/waste management
  • Health and safety coordination